Southampton Dry Stack

Dry Stack is a real alternative to keeping your boat in a Marina. It is the ideal boat storage method for those who want to make the most of their leisure time and their enjoyment of boating. Dry stack storage is the answer to your boating needs. If you own a Rib or Sportsboat up to 10m LOA this is the ideal way of reducing your costs, protecting your investment and ensuring that your valuable leisure time is not spent scraping, sanding and painting, but can be spent enjoying yourself on the water.

Southampton Dry Stack offers a unique service with both fully undercover and outside Dry Stack boat packages. All lifting and launching is by way of a new state of the art Marina Bull Wiggins forklift. This facility will appeal to anyone who keeps their Rib or Sportsboat in a marina and is concerned about the spiralling costs, depreciation and the amount of time spent on maintenance. Along with the numerous features that Dry Stack can provide it offers all the full benefits of keeping it in a marina as your boat will be ready and waiting on the pontoons when want to use it.


  • Security — a boat stored 20 feet off the ground is not likely to be the target of thieves or vandals.
  • Weather Protection — boats stored under cover are not subject to gel coat destroying ultra violet light, rain or other potential damage from the outdoor environment.
  • Better performance and economy – your engine no longer has to push barnacles, weed or antifoul paint through the water.
  • Easy Maintenance — since the boat is already out of the water, repairs to shafts, props or outdrives are easy to accomplish.
  • These days time is precious – with dry stack you spend your time on the water enjoying yourself rather than on maintenance and getting the boat ready for your day out. When you get back simply tie the boat up and let the dry stack team do the rest.
  • It is an accepted fact that a boat kept in a dry stack system depreciates far less than a boat kept in a Marina particularly if it is kept under cover.
  • Environmental – Dry Stack boats do not accumulate marine growth therefore toxic antifoul paints are not necessary and the associated need to wash scrape and paint is eliminated.
  • Dry stack boats are less likely to accumulate oily water in their bilges and therefore less likely to pollute the environment.
  • Annual, Seasonal (Winter or Summer), Monthly and Weekly packages available.
  • CCTV - the whole site and pontoons are covered by a state of the art CCTV system that is monitored 24 hours a day. Safe and secure car parking
  • Prices start from as low as £1,335 ex VAT p.a. - compared with traditional marina prices.