Hydrolift UK were one of the first to sign up with Southampton Dry Stack and have been delighted with the service we receive from the friendly cooperative staff. The level of security is beyond reproach and nothing is too much trouble for the team. They organise any service requirements and nobody ever seems to be other than happy.(We are also looking forward to the summer party.)

After a day out they lift the boat, wash it off, check it for damage and store it under cover, what more could a boat owner want, driving home with the knowledge your pride and joy (the boat not the wife !) are in the hands of true professionals. No more up to your waist in water on a slippery wind swept expensive slipway retrieving your Hydrolift . Thanks chaps I know you will always be there for me.

John L Webb

I have been really impressed by my dry stack experience.  The system really works for me; all I do is make a quick phone call to the lads when I know I am coming down to use the boat, she is then launched ahead of my arrival and is waiting for me on the pontoon.  On my return, she is usually back on the rack before I have left the car park!  I would thoroughly recommend Southampton Dry Stack to anyone with a "dayboat" who doesn't want the hassle, worry and cost of a traditional marina berth

Andrew Makins
Brigg 6.45

It is 15 months since I towed the first boat, a Stingher 800GT, into your Dry Stack setting up what has now become my main office and UK base for MRL and Stingher and Predator Ribs.

The time has passed very quickly as it often does when you are enjoying yourself, and that in part is down to you guys and your customers, many of whom we share, for making the Dry Stack a nice place. It’s getting more like a big family where most people know each other. I hope this continues, as I’m sure it will in the future. 

I would like to thank you all for the time and help that you have given, and look forward to a long and continued business relationship.

Edward Pedley

Since arriving at Southampton Dry Stack last October, Karen and myself have been so impressed with the friendship of Hugh, Bill, Joe and Paul have offered providing an excellent secure facility to keep our RIB where nothing seems too much trouble.  We are always assured quite simply by the high level of service and the passion they all share for this business, which makes boating more pleasurable particularly when we lead such hectic lives.    Southampton Dry Stack has become a great place to make new friends and we always seem to leave with a real smile having enjoyed a good laugh with Hugh, Bill and the team!

Simon Stevens
Predator 660

Thank you very much for welcoming us to your yard, you’ve made it very easy to settle in.  The system works very well for us; your team is always cheerful, even when they wave us away from the dock on a sunny Sunday morning when they’ve many more lifts to make.  Above everything else this is saving me huge amounts of maintenance, is more secure and I don’t have to worry when a storm blows through.

Henry Clarke
Pacific 22

I have been at Southampton Dry Stack since the start up and have consistently found the launching service to be fantastic, the people always go out of their way to accommodate your whims and the atmosphere is always conducive to a bit of fun

Andrew Holm
Scorpian 10m

Just a wee note after my first year at Southampton Drystack to say how delighted I am with the level of service and professionalism I and Cara receive. It has increased my level of pleasure in "Ribbing" tenfold and removed all the hardwork and worry (tides and stormy nights!!!) leaving more time to enjoy and make the most of my pride and joy ! Thanks a million to you all.

Dennis Mason
Ribeye 6.5

Drystack makes ribbing convenient and low maintenance for me, especially when I need to leave the boat for a few weeks. Its really refreshing on the South Coast to get great friendly service at a competitive price from Bill, Hugh and their team.

Graham Ellis
Solent 6.5

Bill, Hugh, Joe and Paul
Well what can we say!
They run Southampton Dry stack
In the best possible way.

They care for our boat
As if it's their own
Nothing's too much trouble
Never a moan.

Always a warm welcome
No matter the weather
They even have time
To have a "wee blether"

They launch and recover
With care and precision
No hesitations
Just professional decisions.

Our boat is called "CHEETAH"
She is pillar box red
When they have washed her all down
They then put her to bed.

On goes her cover
Like a big mitten
She sits really proud
And purrs like a kitten.

She sits on her rack
Until we come back

Thank you

The Unwins

Hi Bill, Hugh, Paul and Joe,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the service on our last few outings. It is always a pleasure to turn up at your Drystack and be greeted with your enthusiasm, cheerfulness, helpfulness and the friendliness given to us and our guests both at the start and finish of each day makes for a very pleasurable experience.

Keep up the great work you make a very good team.

All the best,

Andrew Watson

A Customer Tale - We have trailed Ribs before and now with a new larger Redbay Rib had to set about finding somewhere secure to keep her. Driving to the boat and hopping aboard at a marina seemed the way to go - or did it? I learnt once before, after leaving our Humber in the water for a mere 14 days, it had the growth starting on the hull I had a couple of sleepless nights as a gale was due to blow through...

Southampton Dry Stack has everything we need - we can not praise highly enough the attentions of Bill, Hugh, Joe and Paul, they really are leagues ahead with their customer service compared to the 'Big' corporate organizations.

We arrived at SDS in April by sea from Northern Ireland and put 'Storm Breaker' on an inside rack. Since then we have tested their system to the full with early starts and late returns. Lifting her in and out the water on and off service racks. All skilfully done with the help of a monster forklift truck....Not once have we fazed them or seemed to be putting them out.

The record so far between arriving, parking, walking down the pontoon, loading and slipping our warps is under 5 mins. Once away it takes 12 minutes at around 6kts down the Itchen before reaching Southampton Water. The Mecca of the Solent with all its havens and harbours or for us the access to the channel for longer adventure awaits.

So there you have it, at SDS it is a happy crowd of boaters - we and 'Storm Breaker' are just one of them.


Paul Beaurain
Redbay 8.4 Stormforce - 'Storm Breaker'